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‘We can’t let that happen’ - Sonnen wary of Ferguson ‘screw job’ if McGregor gets title shot

Chael Sonnen has some concerns about the UFC’s potential plans about the lightweight division title picture.

As of the moment, the UFC lightweight title picture involves three names: Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson, and Justin Gaethje. However, retired fighter turned analyst Chael Sonnen is a bit concerned about Conor McGregor suddenly jumping in.

In a recent conversation with Submission Radio, Sonnen instead suggested for the third fight between McGregor and Nate Diaz, while also warning about a potential “screw job” on Ferguson.

“I think now is the perfect time for that [Nate Diaz Trilogy fight],” he said. “And look, I know everything that’s been said is we’re going to keep Conor on ice and we’re gonna put him against Khabib, the winner of Tony and Khabib in September. But of course, that was believing that Khabib was going to win.

“You have to understand, if that is still the plan, then that means we’re getting ready to pull the screw job on Tony a second time. They have promised Tony an interim title fight for the second time. The first time he did it. He never lost it. And all of a sudden that belt is gone. We as fans cannot allow that to happen.

“If Tony comes out of this thing, Tony needs to be fighting Khabib,” Sonnen continued. “And if at some point they try to slide in Conor, which is likely, maybe not likely, but possible, that means we screwed Tony a second time. We can’t let that happen.”

Dana White already confirmed that whoever wins UFC 249’s headliner between Gaethje and Ferguson will face Khabib late in the year.