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Report: Joe Rogan will be part of UFC 249 commentary team

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UFC 249’s commentary team has been revealed, and it includes Joe Rogan.

As the UFC pushed to carry on with UFC 249, Joe Rogan remained reluctant about doing commentary duties. What concerned the long-time analyst was the health risks involved, and rightly so.

On Friday, the UFC announced it is back in business. Four shows are already lined up for next month, with UFC 249 kicking things off on May 9th.

And as for whether or not Rogan will be part of the commentary team, ESPN’s Brett Okamoto gave the answer.

Rogan wasn’t the only one who had apprehensions about working at UFC 249. Play-by-play commentator Jon Anik admitted he had “major concerns,” but at the same time understands the nature of his job.

“Do I wish we were shutting it down through June 1st from a health and safety standpoint and a family standpoint? Part of me does,” he said. “But my boss has determined that the show must go on and if I’m deemed an essential part of that then that’s my decision and I guess I’m gonna have to live with it.”

Daniel Cormier, meanwhile, was put at ease when the UFC told him about the safety measures they have in place.

“By the time I was done with this conversation [with the UFC], I felt like I was almost safer at the event than I am anywhere else because it’s only people that are ok, we’re all away from each other, you go and get paid, and you’re there for a day,” said Cormier. “I could have drove up Saturday morning, called the fights, drove home Saturday night. It was perfect for me.”

After multiple venue changes, UFC 249 is now headed for Jacksonville, Florida. It is the same venue for the scheduled fight cards on May 13th and 16th. The company also assured that the appropriate health and safety measures will be taken for these events.