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Two ex-UFC champs mashed-up into ultimate corona cringe video

What happens when you take two of the UFC’s best fighters showcasing their out-of-the-cage talents, and put them together into one video? Nothing good.

Tyron Woodley loves to make music. Holly Holm loves to dance. So putting the two of them side-by-side should make for some fun MMA-themed entertainment for all of us stuck in self isolation, right?


Take a peek into the void in this weird and hilarious mashup of two of MMA’s best fighters showcasing their other, non-fighting talents.

The video on the left appears to be an outtake from one of Woodley’s recording sessions for his burgeoning hip hop career. And the video on the right looks like one of Holm’s many released dance videos, possibly from her Instagram page. Put them together and magic entirely fails to happen.

For those who really need their fix, they can also check out T-Wood in an actual performance with Randy Couture, doing their spin on “Old Town Road.” Or another version of “In and Out of Love” feat. former champion Rose Namajunas on the piano. Any way you slice it, the results are strange.