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Anonymous WWE employee claims they’re ‘forced’ to work during pandemic, WWE responds

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An alleged employee of WWE complained to Orange County that they’re being ‘forced’ to work despite stay at home orders.

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One of the strangest things to take place during the coronavirus pandemic was the governor of Florida declaring World Wrestling Entertainment an “essential business” and allowing them to continue filming in Orange county. The pro wrestling organization has taken advantage of this and while it is again going away from live filming soon, they will continue to produce pre-taped television for the upcoming future.

On Tueday a central Florida reporter named Jon Alba, who has been present at most Orange County Board of Commissioner meetings during the pandemic, reported that a note was read from an anonymous individual named “John”, claiming that WWE was forcing them to work and asking the county to abide by the stay at home orders and shut down filming;

Here’s a full transcription (via Cageside Seats):

“This is from a speaker named John:

‘My employer World Wrestling Entertainment, aka WWE, is forcing me to work the TV tapings for its weekly shows despite stay-at-home orders for coronavirus. I am unable to speak out, as I need this job and I know I will be fired if I approach my higher-ups. Despite sanitary precautions, we can not maintain social distancing and have to touch other people. I request the government to shut down these tapings and enforce the stay-at-home order so my colleagues and I may follow social distancing rules without fear or repercussion of losing our jobs.’”

It didn’t take long to WWE to respond (via Pro Wrestling Sheet):

“These accusations aren’t true. Employees know they can confidentially go to Human Resources, not the public. Notwithstanding the appropriate protocol, no one would be fired if they were uncomfortable with their surroundings. We’ve made accommodations for individuals upon request.”

This comes on the heels of WWE releasing a large amount of talent due to coronavirus comebacks. They have also had at least one contracted employee test positive for COVID-19.