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‘Everyone knew he’s not fighting’ - Dana White reacts to Khabib pulling out of UFC 249

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White still insists that UFC 249 will go on as scheduled.

Despite his promises to the fans that Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson would go on as scheduled at UFC 249, a hard dose of reality has hit Dana White.

Stuck in Russia due to the coronavirus pandemic, Khabib is in quarantine and fighting on the April 18th event is now definitely out of the question. White’s reaction to the UFC lightweight champion’s removal from the card was a simple one-liner.

“Everyone knew he’s not fighting,” White told Yahoo’s Kevin Iole via text message.

Well that was quick. “The fight will happen” quickly became “everyone knew he’s not fighting.”

With Ferguson left without an opponent, Justin Gaethje has emerged as a possible option to fight “El Cucuy” just over two weeks from now, but no venue has been announced and we don’t even have a confirmed fight card yet. If you’re looking for important details, then don’t waste your time because White intends to keep it all secretive.

“I’m not telling the media anything about the details of the fight,” he said.

Maybe this is the start of a new series - UFC Fight Club. Have an event in a secretive location that only the fighters and essential personnel know about. First rule about UFC 249 Fight Club...