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Fight Archives: The first and only matchup that got Jorge Masvidal ‘scared’

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 A look back on the first and only fight that struck fear into “BMF” champion Jorge Masvidal.

UFC Fight Night Till v Masvidal Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

As much of a “BMF” as he is, Jorge Masvidal is also a mere human. He isn’t devoid of feeling fear and anxiety, especially in his chosen profession.

It was on July 14th, 2007 in Trenton, New Jersey when a 23-year-old “Gamebred” stepped up to face decorated veteran Yves Edwards under the Bodog banner. Masvidal already had 11 wins under his belt, most of which he picked up under the AFC banner. Edwards, on the other hand, was on a 1-4 run but remained to be a dangerous opponent for any 155-pounder.

Seeing how the “Thugjitsu” pioneer dismantled his opponents got to the young Masvidal, whose primary concern at the time was to not become part of the highlight reel.

In his own words:

I was a little nervous going into that fight. I was scared. Of all the guys I’ve fought in my career, that was a guy that was giving the butterflies that I was like, ‘F—k man!’ I’ve seen what he’d done to people. He’s a vicious individual and he was a very bad style (matchup) for me in many ways.

I trained myself like a madman at the time. I just kept running myself into the ground because I didn’t want my face to get rearranged by this individual. I had a lot of respect.

Masvidal exceeded all expectations, including his own. His patented fearlessness was in full display, comfortably trading strikes with a seasoned competitor. With two minutes left in the second round, Masvidal finally found a home for his right kick, landing it squarely on Edwards’ jaw. A few punches from up top later, the referee calls for the stop of the fight.

These days, Edwards is enjoying retirement life, while Masvidal proudly carries the title of being the UFC’s first BMF champion after a monumental 2019.

But here are the two respected competitors during the first and only time they shared the squared ring.