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Jon Jones tells Anthony Smith to buy a gun - Someone ‘like me’ could’ve ‘had his way with you all night’

The war of words between Jon Jones and Anthony Smith took a turn toward the strangely sexually threatening.

Free time really doesn’t seem to be a great friend to Jon Jones. The UFC light heavyweight champion has already turned his stint of self-quarantine into some of the most inglorious kind of headlines, after getting arrested for driving while intoxicated and reckless use of a firearm charges—eventually pleading guilty to a DWI.

With that behind him, however, he’s found himself pursuing a war of words with recent title challenger Anthony Smith. Smith fought Jones for the belt back in March of 2019, losing a clear unanimous decision—this despite Jones getting deducted two points in the fourth round for an illegal knee. In the months since, however, Smith has been adamant that he feels he can solve the Jones riddle. And when ‘Lionheart’ ended up the victim of a recent, terrifying late-night home invasion, Jones leapt at the story as a chance to needle his former opponent.

Jones sent out a message that he was glad Smith was alright, but there was “no way” the intruder would have left his house walking. Smith shot back at the champion in an episode of MMA on Sirius XM.

“Just for a second I thought you were human and you had a soul and then I realized, yo, you’re still the same piece of sh-t you’ve always been.”

All of which led Jones back to Twitter, and a Tweet that was probably best left in drafts. Or maybe just in Jones’ head, and off his phone altogether (h/t MMA Mania).

Jones quickly deleted the message. But, the internet is undefeated.

Currently, both Smith and Jones are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see if the UFC can get back to business in the coming weeks. If – as Dana White has been adamant they would – the promotion does start putting on events sometime in May, it just might be that there’s enough heat brewing between these two to push the promotion to make a rematch.