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Bisping goes off on COVID-19 conspiracies, ‘idiots’ that feel they know more than doctors

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Michael Bisping has had it with the various conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 and people’s unwillingless to comply with stay-at-home rules.

Believe you me, Michael Bisping has had it with COVID-19 conspiracy theories and those refusing to comply with stay-at-home guidelines.

Bisping, 41, went off on those rebelling against stay-at-home guidelines and orders in a new interview with Submission Radio.

“Unfortunately the world’s going through a very crazy time right now, and if we all just do as we’re bloody well told and follow the guidelines — it isn’t 5G, governments aren’t conspiring to one world order, it isn’t a conspiracy, the earth isn’t flat,” Bisping argued. “We just gotta f—kin’ stay indoors and do as we’re told, and this thing will pass. But there’s a lot of idiots out there that feel that they know better. A lot of people are insecure and they think that everyone’s against them and the world’s a big conspiracy. It’s not a conspiracy, there’s a f—kin’ disease, an illness, a virus, which has originated in China and spread across the world that’s highly contagious. We gotta stay inside, do as we’re told, and in a little bit it’ll pass.”

The former middleweight champion asserted the alternative is far worse.

“Or, we can all be idiots, ignore what everyone’s telling us, ignore what the scientists are telling us. Because, I know what people are saying, ‘don’t believe everything you hear on the news’. I don’t,” he asserted. “What I do, is listen and read and listen to the medical professionals, people that have dedicated their entire lives to medical science. I tend to listen to them, not some knuckleheads on the internet.”

Bisping (31-9) sympathizes with those economically impacted by government responses to COVID-19. He can also relate to those who are getting by and are simply tired of being trapped inside.

“I was just sitting there with my daughter a moment ago very, very bored. Every day’s the same. It’s like groundhog day, but, you know, listen, 80 years ago we had World War II. We had World War II and it was bad. There [were] bombs going off, there was people dying, people had to go to war. I think those people would be ashamed of the human race right now,” he argued. “All we gotta do is stay f—king inside. It’s not that hard. I understand people are struggling financially and economically, and my heart goes out to them, but as I said, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that hard. And if we do as we’re told, this will pass. Sorry for the rant, there you go.”