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Tony Ferguson makes weight for UFC 249 fight that’s not happening

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Tony Ferguson decided to make 155 pounds, even though he’s not actually fighting tomorrow.

MMA is full of characters, but Tony Ferguson is on a whole other level. Whether it’s his very unique training techniques, or his insistence on capitalizing the first letter of every word he types on social media, he’s always bringing something a bit different to the table. So it should come as no surprise that El Cucuy decided to make weight for a fight that isn’t actually happening tomorrow.

UFC 249 was supposed to go down on April 18th, and he was supposed to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov. When Khabib couldn’t get out of Russia, he was supposed to fight Justin Gaethje instead. Unfortunately, the pressures of the coronavirus restrictions shut that down. But it didn’t shut down Tony’s weight cut, and he made the lightweight championship mark of 155 pounds earlier today.

The fight will not take place tomorrow, but Ferguson and Gaethje are tentatively scheduled to fight on May 9th instead, in a location still to be announced. So he’ll have to make the same weight cut three weeks from now if the fight actually happens. Even if it doesn’t, he might just make the cut again anyway.