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Wanna watch a kung fu vampire movie? UFC Fight Pass has you covered

Also available: Kung Fu Chef, which is exactly what you think it is

UFC Fight Pass added a martial arts movie library last March, just in time for quarantine, and they’ve added several new films to the list. In what is becoming a hallmark of the UFC Fight Pass collection, the new selections offer a wide range of genres within the martial arts umbrella.

Among the new movies are some straight forward martial arts classics, such as Invincible Boxer (1972). Produced by the Shaw Brothers, Invincible Boxer stars Lo Lieh, one of the original Hong Kong action heroes. Released by Warner Bros. in the US in 1973 under the new title, 5 Fingers of Death, the film is largely credited with inspiring the American kung fu craze of the 1970’s. Warner Bros. in particularly capitalized on its success, producing the television show Kung Fu and Enter the Dragon later that same year.

UFC Fight Pass has also added a few action comedies. Kung Fu Chef (2009) stars Hong Kong legend Sammo Hung as an ousted chef who takes on a young protégé, played by Vanessa Wu. She must do battle with the head chef at a rival restaurant to avenge her mentor.

Another entry, Shaolin vs. Evil Dead (2004) may be playing off the zombie cult classic with its title, but the movie is actually about vampires. It stars Gordon Liu, most famous for The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, which is also available on UFC Fight Pass. Later, Quentin Tarantino fans came to know him for his roles in Kill Bill I & II. While Tarantino has borrowed a lot from Asian cinema, the creators behind Shaolin vs. Evil Dead decided to borrow from Tarantino, who was making Kill Bill concurrently. The idea they borrowed was to put the movie into two installments, and so Shaolin vs. Evil Dead ends quite abruptly. To get to the end of the story you need to watch Shaolin vs. Evil Dead: Ultimate Power.

Kill Bill Premiere, NYC
Gordon Liu at the Kill Bill premiere.
Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/FilmMagic

The UFC Fight Pass martial arts film library now numbers 30 films—a significant total running time for anyone looking to fill the time on lockdown. The UFC will continue to add movies, but no schedule for additions has been released.