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MLB star challenges fired NASCAR driver to ‘UFC’ fight over racial slur

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New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman will not easily forgive and forget NASCAR driver Kyle Larson’s racial slur.

New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman has a receipt for NASCAR driver after the latter used a racial slur in a Twitch live stream.

Larson managed to get himself fired while off the job after uttering the n-word during the NASCAR iRacing series, which features professional drivers placing racing video games while self-distancing. Larson thought his audio had cut out and thought it an optimal time to say, “hey, (racial slur)” thinking no one could hear him. Unfortunately for Larson, everyone did. NASCAR suspended Larson without pay and Chip Ganassi Racing fired him.

Stroman is not satisfied with the judgement handed down on Larson and has an idea of his own.

“He should never be allowed to race again in @NASCAR,” Stroman tweeted. “Said that derogatory word so nonchalantly. Your apology doesn’t matter. Post-career... I’ll fight this man in a @ufc event for charity. He needs his ass beat. Would love to hear him say that word in the octagon!”

There you have it: Marcus “The Met” Stroman vs. Kyle “Lost His Job” Larson in the Octagon.