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Jon Jones fires back at Israel Adesanya, posts photo of Adesanya’s lone KO loss

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Jon Jones posts a photo of Israel Adesanya’s lone KO loss in kickboxing.

And so it continues...

Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya are back at each other’s throats after ‘The Last Stylebender’ called ‘Bones’ out on Twitter at the weekend.

“Hey pussy you still there...” Adesanya posted on Sunday.

Jones, who was recently arrested for drunk driving, fired back at Adesanya by posting a photo of the UFC middleweight champ’s lone KO loss to Glory Kickboxing champ Alex Pereira in 2017.

“Wasting all that good oxygen. Someone wake this b-tch up and change his tampon.”

“Isn’t it sad, they’ll come out and predict a man can never come back to be the best because of some troubles. But gives no mentions when I donate thousands to the community every other year.”

Jones has since deleted his Tweets but Adesanya caught the UFC light heavyweight champ in his tracks.

“Did he do a post & delete Dwight? I been ko’d once and I never made that mistake again.How many times you been arrested? How many times you pissed hot? How many times you had your belt taken off you? (someone answer these) You never learn you PulsingPictoPussy,” Adesanya snapped back.

Adesanya got the last laugh by making fun of how Jones struggled to recite the alphabet during his drunk driving test.

With both men currently under lockdown due to coronavirus, expect more online trash talk than usual over the next few months.