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Tony Ferguson still cutting weight despite UFC 249 cancellation

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Tony Ferguson says he will make 155 lbs on Friday.

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After a circus of events and trying to host a show during a pandemic, plans for UFC 249 and other cards have all been put on hold indefinitely. The original pay-per-view headliner though, is still planning on pushing through with his weight cut despite the cancellation. According to Tony Ferguson, he is still dropping weight and plans to make his contracted 155 lbs as scheduled.

“Still Workin’ Gonna Make Weight By Friday,” Ferguson wrote on twitter, along with his catchphrases and emojis, saying he’ll make “championship weight” of 155 lbs.

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As for why, well, Ferguson is a unique and quirky guy, and that’s a question you can also ask about all his crazy training routines as well. As all the internet memes say, I guess Tony Ferguson is just that type of guy.

For what it’s worth, the former interim champion replied to some of those asking why he’s still pushing through with a tough weight cut. They’re mostly in gif form though.