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‘Why didn’t he just choke him unconscious?’ - Joe Rogan on Anthony Smith’s home invasion scare

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Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub discuss Anthony Smith’s recent home invasion.

Former UFC light heavyweight title contender Anthony Smith had a difficult time subduing an intruder who broke into his Nebraska home last weekend. As “Lionheart” recalled, it was “one of the toughest fights” he’s had in his entire life.

The intruder, later identified as Luke Haberman, apparently took all of Smith’s beatings finely, from punches to knees and elbows. He was also significantly smaller with a 170-pound frame.

Joe Rogan discussed the incident with podcast regular Brendan Schaub. Both wondered why Smith, an elite grappler, didn’t just choose to choke the intruder out.

“Anthony Smith is one of the baddest motherf—kers walking the earth,” Rogan said (via MMA Mania). “He (the intruder) was smaller than him. The guy was a hundred and seventy pounds and he took everything he could throw at him.

“Why didn’t he just choke him unconscious?” he asked, which Schaub concurred with.

Smith was beating on Haberman for more than five minutes until police arrived. The 21-year-old perpetrator, who also apologized once things calmed down, was later charged with criminal trespass.