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Ronda Rousey responds to criticism for calling pro wrestling ‘fake fights for fun’

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Ronda Rousey has doubled down on some recent comments that were viewed as disparaging to pro wrestling.

UFC Hall of Fame: Official Class of 2018 Induction Ceremony Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ronda Rousey isn’t backing down. The former UFC and WWE champion has faced a wave of criticism regarding some controversial comments she recently made about pro wrestling, but she’s not about to reel any of it back. In fact, she took to social media to go after pro wrestling defenders even more.

One comment that drew some ire online was her referring to her time in WWE, which ended in April of 2019, as competing in “fake fights for fun”. She responded to this by making comparisons between pro wrestling and “real” fighting, and decided that she needed to put the word “real” in caps three different times to really emphasize her point.

“Anyone who is outraged by me calling pro wrestling ‘fake fights for fun’ has never been in a REAL fight. While you all are tip toeing around bruising some pro wrestlers’ huge soft egos – no one is thinking about all of the REAL fighters you’re insulting when pretending pro wrestling is somehow on the same level of realism.

Yes, I understand, wrestling 300 days a year for years on end is incredibly tough on the body and a difficult profession– but do you know what would happen if you got in 300 REAL fights in a year? You would be dead.”

What I find odd about this statement is the segment of her comments that Rousey is actually responding to. The “fake fights” comment was inflammatory, but not to the degree of her comments about WWE fans, who she referred to as “f—king ungrateful” on the same podcast. It seemed that she received much more criticism on social media about her choice of words in regards to the fans (that have allegedly treated her wrong), so responding to the same tired “fake fights” criticism seems a tad deflective.

Another thing that’s strange is her defending “real fighters”. Coming from a person that gave up on shoot fighting as soon as she lost a couple of times to go compete in the “fake” stuff, it comes across as extremely hollow.

Nonetheless, Rousey is happy at home with her family, and that seems where she will be staying for a while.