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Russian boxing coach who mocked coronavirus pandemic contracts COVID-19

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Russian boxing coach Anton Kadushin was hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms but appears to be making a gradual recovery. 


Last week, Russian national boxing team coach Anton Kadushin was hospitalized after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Russian Boxing Federation (RBF) confirmed the news to Russian state media.

”We have received information on the positive result of the test several days ago,” Umar Kremlev, the general secretary of the RBF, said to “All this time we have been keeping this situation under control.

”According to our information, he has a mild case of the illness, he has been self-isolated at home since the very first day of his return from London. We closely follow the developments. Doctors visit him every day and slightly changed his course of treatment. Anton [Kadushin] says he feels much better now. The Russian Boxing Federation will provide all the necessary assistance because this is our coach.”

The RBF also claimed that Kadushin caught the virus from a coach on the Armenian national boxing team, “He [Kadushin] was talking to Armenian coaches on board the plane and one of them later tested positive for the virus.”

The Russian national boxing team was participating in the 2020 Olympics boxing qualifying competition in London, which was scheduled to be held between March 13-23. The tournament was halted on March 16 over the ongoing global spread of the novel coronavirus. It was later reported that several members of the Turkish and Croatian national teams were infected with the virus during the tournament itself. Russian boxers returned to their homeland and were placed in self-isolation thereafter.

The RBF also confirmed that once it became clear that Kadushin had tested positive for the virus, all the boxers on the team were tested for COVID-19.

”As soon as we were informed, we tested everyone once again,” he said. “The results of everyone are negative.”

Kadushin, who appears to be recovering, drew criticism after meeting with Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik during the event on March 17 and posting a photograph of the two men while mocking COVID-19, “There is no coronavirus, only positive and happy virus.”

As of Friday, April 10, Russia has 11,917 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 94 deaths and 795 recoveries. The capital, Moscow, remains the country’s worst-hit area. More than one million people have been reportedly tested in Russia so far and about 180,000 are under surveillance as suspected coronavirus cases.

There are approximately 1,633,400 confirmed cases worldwide, including 98,000 deaths and 366,000 recoveries. The United States accounts for nearly half a million confirmed cases and over 17,000 deaths as of Friday, April 10.