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Russian promotion Fight Nights to compensate fighters for events canceled due to covid-19

Fight Nights promoter Kamil Gadzhiev confirmed the news to Russian state media this week. 

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced governments, communities and citizens around the world to adapt to a rapidly changing and unpredictable climate. As such, sports leagues and organizations have altered their schedules and protocols in response to the outbreak, including MMA promotions who have postponed their upcoming shows indefinitely.

One such promotion that has been forced to adapt during these troubling times is Russian MMA promotion Fight Nights Global, which has decided to compensate all its fighters after postponing its next three shows during the next two months.

“Fighters always spend on expenses and gym fees preparing in different places,” Gadzhiev told “We will contact the teams of fighters and pay compensation. The guys spent time and money, we can’t compensate for the time, but partially we’ll try to support them financially.”

Fight Nights Global was scheduled to host an event in Sochi on April 11, a show in Magnitogorsk on April 17, and a Moscow event the following day on April 18. All three tournaments will be rescheduled for a later date, though it remains unclear when that date will likely be.

To date, Russia has 11, 917 confirmed covid-19 cases, including 94 deaths and 795 recoveries. The capital, Moscow, remains the country’s worst-hit area. More than one million people have been reportedly tested in Russia so far and about 180,000 are under surveillance as suspected coronavirus cases.