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That saves me a lot of thinking! - Watch Joe Rogan’s live reaction to UFC 249 cancellation

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Joe Rogan says he was 75% sure of working UFC 249, but had big hesitations.

“Rogan was calling these fights. The problem with the media is these days — the media is so f—ked up... Rogan was coming to the event this Saturday.”

That was Dana White going on a bit of a rant about the media after UFC 249 and all the other shows got postponed indefinitely, arguing that Joe Rogan was indeed coming.

Well, according to the man himself, he still had reservations about it all. Rogan was doing a podcast when news broke about the UFC’s cancellation, and here is his live reaction as the news slowly came in.

“That’s interesting. Well that saves me a lot of f—king thinking,” Rogan laughed. “Damn!”

The UFC commentator claims he was 75% sure of working UFC 249, but was worried about spreading the coronavirus to others.

“I was 75 percent ready to go. The only thing that worried me, is that if I contracted something and then I came into contact with other people. So what I was going to do, is if I could definitely get tested and then I would have to know the results before I come back. It’s f—king... even then, you don’t know.

“Listen man, I was hesitant. I really want to go. I was leaning towards going, but I’m like ‘God I don’t want to hear it from people that don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m not interested in putting myself at risk, but my real concern was how do I know if I contract it and then I bring it back? How am I gonna know? And I had to be honest with myself, like I really wouldn’t be able to know. So the only way I would be able to do it, is to do it then be in quarantine until I get tested,” he said. “Jesus Christ. I want to find out.”