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Korean Zombie says ‘coward’ Ortega waited until ‘I went to the bathroom’ to attack K-Pop star

Police reports have been filed after the incident at UFC 248.

UFC Seoul Press Conference Photo by Woohae Cho/Zuffa LLC

Following the event, Dana White revealed that Brian Ortega and Chan Sung Jung’s camp “got in a fight” while attending UFC 248. Ortega reportedly came up and slapped Jay Park, a famous Korean pop and hip-hop star, who recently did English translations for his friend, Jung.

Ortega was seemingly upset at Park translating Jung’s comments about how he “ducked” him during their planned bout last December. He reportedly took to Instagram to warn and threaten Park prior to the event: “Don’t be surprised if I slap the s—t out of you when I see you. Having an injury and ducking are 2 different things.”

More details are coming to light, with a furious “The Korean Zombie” sharing his side of the story. Jung issued a lengthy statement, calling Ortega a “coward” for supposedly waiting until he stepped away before picking a fight with a musician.

“Last night, you sat 10 meters away from me and Jay Park. For two hours nothing happened, so I thought everything was fine. But you f—king attacked Jay Park while I went to the bathroom,” Jung wrote. “Jay Park is not a professional fighter but a musician. You slapped a civilian who merely helped translate.

“Even worse, you were sitting there waiting until I would be absent and attacked Jay Park. It was not a fight like real men would do. What you have done is same as a grown up to beat a child,” he continued. “You should have attacked me. If so, I would have not been upset. You are such a coward for slapping a musician not a fighter.

“If you f—king planned this to fight me and to use my name because people don’t remember your name anymore, then I congratulate you, it worked. I will fight you and I will knock you out and your f—king face will be bloody. Now, your f—king face stays in my mind and I will f—k you up in the cage. I hope you won’t run away from me again.”

The 32-year-old Park is a multi-platinum selling hip-hop and pop artist, who has about 1.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify. His record label AOMG has since issued a statement, saying Ortega was immediately escorted out of the arena after the altercation.

“We checked, and it’s true that Ortega tried to pick a fight. However, security acted quickly and he was forced out. We know fans are worried, but he is not injured at all. He has no issues to his health right now.”

While Park didn’t sustain injuries, Jung’s manager says police reports have been filed about the incident.

“Both teams were contacted prior to last night’s event and were asked by the UFC to be respectful and to not have any confrontations,” manager Jason House told MMA Junkie. “Our team respected the UFC’s request and maintained our professionalism throughout the night. Police reports were filed immediately after the incident occurred and now it’s a matter for law enforcement officials to handle.”

Ortega and Jung were originally scheduled to headline UFC Busan last December, until the American fighter pulled out due to an ACL injury. He was replaced by former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, who Jung ended up beating by first round TKO.

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