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UFC 248 results: Alex Oliveira edges out Max Griffin in bloody split decision

Alex Oliveira took a tough split decision over Max Griffin on the UFC 248 PPV main card.

Kicking off the UFC 248 PPV main card, Max Griffin and Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira went to war for three-rounds. Both men had moments on the feet. Both men had moments on the ground. There was blood. When it was all said and done, it was Oliveira who walked away with the split decision victory. Cowboy came into this fight on a three-fight losing skid, and did enough to keep his job with the promotion.

Griffin started fiercely pushing the pace and going right at Cowboy. Oliveira clinches up to slow down the tempo before returning to open space. Oliveira started to land with solo strikes, but was rocked by a Griffin right hand. Griffin scored a takedown and controlled from the top for a bit. Oliveira finally worked back to his feet just before the bell.

Oliveira landed an uppercut early in the second act that cut open Griffin around the eye. A botched takedown from Griffin led to Oliveira pressing him against the cage. The referee called time for the doctor to come check out a cut around Griffin’s eye. The fight started again, and Oliveira worked his leg kicks. He began to flow with his punches, catching Griffin coming in. Griffin kept hunting for the takedown, but Cowboy was doing a solid job of fighting off the attempts.

Oliveira opened the final frame with mean temps to the midsection. He shot in for a takedown, but Griffin reversed it and started looking for his own. Griffin tried to land a knee and Oliveira was able to secure the takedown. Cowboy moved into full mount, but Griffin managed to reverse the position. Griffin maintained the position and dropped some short shots until time ran out.

Alex Oliveira def. Max Griffin by split decision (29-28x 2, 28-29): Welterweight