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‘What happened to your season?’ - Nate Diaz mocks Conor McGregor’s promise to stay active

Nate Diaz has taken shots at his rival again.

During the lead up to his comeback fight against Donald Cerrone, Conor McGregor kept bringing up how he was going to treat this like a “season” and stay very active.

When people criticized picking an opponent that’s coming off two straight KO losses, McGregor said that was simply the season opener and he’d face everyone eventually. Being active was supposed to put any concerns to bed, so when the Irishman avoided damage and swiftly dispatched Cowboy in under a minute, many assumed we’d see a quick turnaround.

A couple of months later and we still don’t have word on who or when McGregor will be fighting next. The UFC has already been filling cards and starting to announce bouts for May and June, but while there’s still time to get in, Nate Diaz is already taking shots at McGregor for going away from his promise.

“What happened to your season?” Diaz wrote on social media without directly mentioning McGregor. “I was already back in by now wtf”

Diaz, who has also taken a lot of time off in recent years, noted how his last two bouts had a short turn around of about two and a half months.

Although not many have been campaigning for it, Dana White has been constantly pushing for a title bout and a possible rematch with Khabib for the Irish superstar. McGregor has also been reported to have had “very preliminary” discussions about a possible bout with Justin Gaethje.