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Video: UFC Fighter Reacts to Dambe Warriors

Check out what UFC featherweight Kyle Nelson thought of one-handed boxing out of northern Nigeria.

A few months back, in Toronto, we sat down with UFC featherweight Kyle Nelson and his friend/training partner Binaebi ‘Benny’ Otoru (who is also a pro fighter on the local MMA scene). We showed them a bunch of videos that relate to martial arts and/or combat sports.

For the second video of this series we showed the guys footage of dambe fighting. Dambe is a traditional combat sport from northern Nigeria. The sport sees men wrap a single fist to the point it resembles a cudgel. They then use that wrapped fist to deliver punches until one of them falls to the ground.

Watch the video above to see what Nelson and Otoru thought of the action.

This footage comes from Dambe Warriors. For more of their videos please subscribe to their official YouTube Channel:

You can find more content from Kyle and Benny by checking them out on their socials.

Kyle Nelson:

Benny Otoru:

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And, in case you missed it, here’s the first video from this series - UFC Fighter Reacts to Slap Fighting:

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