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Report: UFC 249 could be headed to Florida

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It looks like Florida is on the shortlist of potential UFC 249 locations, since governor’s current orders wouldn’t prevent sanctioning.

We may not even be sure who will be headlining the event at this point, or what other fights will end up on the card. But, if UFC 249 does take place on April 18th as planned, it could be going down in the great state of Florida. That’s the report coming from MMA Fighting’s Steven Marrocco, who notes that current Governor Ron DeSantis’ emergency measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic don’t prevent the state athletic commission from sanctioning an event like the UFC. At least, that’s the case for now.

In the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak in the US, the UFC had hoped to move their events to their private Apex facility in Las Vegas. Unfortunately for the world’s largest MMA promotion, as the pandemic response grew, increasing social distancing guidlines caused the Nevada Commission to put the kibosh on that plan. Similar moves to hold events on tribal lands were quickly snuffed out as well.

Those circumstances eventually led the UFC to cancel their next three MMA events, up until UFC 249: Khabib vs. Ferguson. Dana White has been steadfast for weeks now that the planned blockbuster PPV event would go forward, no question. However, in the past few days, reports have come in that Khabib Nurmagomedov has found himself on lockdown in Russia, and unable to leave the country. Justin Gaethje has been penciled in as a potential replacement, but without a set venue and without a set main event, for now all plans remain up in the air.