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Cage Warriors postpones April & May events amid increasing COVID-19 restrictions

One of the last major MMA promotions to keep their event schedule rolling amid the coronavirus pandemic has made the decision to cancel their next two events.

Cage Warriors 100 Photo by Huw Fairclough/Getty Images

For fighters involved and fans watching at home, Cage Warriors 113 provided some sense that MMA normalcy just might be retained throughout the the COVID-19 pandemic. There may not be fans in attendance, but we might just be able to get a few fight cards each week or two.

If that was the hope, however, it doesn’t look like Cage Warriors is going to be the one keeping it alive. The longtime European MMA promotion officially announced on Wednesday, March 25th, that they would be postponing their next two upcoming events. Cage Warriors 114 had been scheduled for April 18th in Birmingham, and Cage Warriors 115 for May 16th in Belfast.

“We would like to apologise to fans who were looking forward to these events and thank them for their continued support, but April and May will have to be rescheduled,” said Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan.

“We are still coming to showcase your hometown fighters but a bit later than we would have liked.

“More widely, we would like to assure the MMA community that as soon as the situation in Europe improves, we’ll be putting fights on at the first given opportunity.”

Per the promotion’s press release, the Belfast event will now take place on September 26th, and the Birmingham event on October 10th. In actuality, Cage Warriors announced both dates and locations for those September and October cards back in 2019. So it looks more like they’ve just cancelled these two upcoming cards, and may be moving fights to their later event dates.

Either way, for fans hoping that they’d at least have a couple CWFC cards to look forward to in the next few weeks, they’re going to find themselves disappointed. However, in the best interest of health – both of the fighters and staff, as well as their friends and families – Cage Warriors is almost certainly taking the safest route forward.