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UFC hall-of-famer Tito Ortiz has the dumbest coronavirus conspiracy theories

Tito Ortiz may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he certainly tries his best to be the loudest.

UFC Legends Panel Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Tito Ortiz’s social media has been an insane mess lately. When not busy constantly professing his love for Donald Trump, the UFC Hall-of-Famer’s Instagram has been mostly about the coronavirus.

Earlier this March, Ortiz was posting, commenting and sharing fake claims or debunked posts. Ortiz also spoke to the media, spreading dangerous misinformation and doing as much as he can to downplay the reality of this pandemic.

“Do you know anyone that has it?”

He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but Ortiz certainly tries his best to be the loudest. He tried to “educate” and “wake up” the public because in his mind, this pandemic was all just “hype.” According to Doctor Ortiz, the virus will be gone by April, as it only survives in the super cold weather and damp areas. This new expert on global pandemics also made sure to advise everyone to “close your mouth when you cough.”

A week later, cases and deaths skyrocketed in the US, and his “hype” statements were flat out debunked. Ortiz has finally acknowledged the seriousness of the virus... except he now believes there’s a bigger conspiracy behind its origin.

Since then, he has reposted several, easily debunkable conspiracy theories from other people about the coronavirus. To make things even worse, Ortiz eventually put on his tin foil hat and created a couple of conspiracy theories of his own.

Although I didn’t think it was even possible, Tito’s theories somehow manage to be significantly dumber than all the other loonies he’s been reposting. Take for instance, this conspiracy theory he made up after seeing a scene from a movie.

Or this newer one, where he says the virus is “man-made” and meant to stop protests in China and Italy.

Ortiz spoke about this conspiracy with a woman that was off-camera. This is how their highly intellectual conversation went:

Ortiz: “Do I think the coronavirus is real? 100%, I think it’s real.” [Editor’s note: So what happened to all hype?]

Lady: “It’s man-made.”

Ortiz: “Yup. Man-made. A virus that is taking out all the old people. It’s kinda crazy. This is something I would like to talk about though. Remember in... China, when they’re doing all the protesting? They had so many people in the streets. And everyone wanted to be like us Americans, and chanting the National Anthem... and then all of a sudden.

Lady: “They were waving the American flag.”

Ortiz: “BOOM! That shit was over within a day! People were falling on coronavirus, it was the most craziest thing in the world. heh. *wags finger* They don’t see any one of those people protesting, do you? At all. I think in Italy, they’re doing the same thing. *wags finger* You don’t see any protesting anymore, do you? It’s pretty crazy.”

Wow. I mean, just... Wow!

Where do I start?

I don’t even know why I am even typing and explaining this now, but the initial outbreak happened in Wuhan, Mainland China. The protests Ortiz mentioned? Those were happening about a thousand kilometers away, in Hong Kong!

Also, Mainland China (81K+), Italy (59K+), and the USA (35K+) have the top three most coronavirus cases in the world, as of this writing. Hong Kong on the other hand, is about 50th on that list, with 318 cases and 4 deaths.

If this was a deadly virus designed to target Hong Kong, well they must have been so damn terrible at their jobs, because they completely missed the mark!

As for “doing the same” for protests in Italy, that also doesn’t make sense. Perhaps Ortiz could’ve been thinking about the Yellow Vests Movement in France instead? But hey, Mainland China and Hong Kong, Italy and France, they’re all the same, right?


Anyway, if those idiotic conspiracy theories made your head hurt, maybe you can just lighten the mood with racist jokes. Ortiz seems to enjoy those as well.

Here’s a reposted meme, with the MMA fighter writing hashtags #ChineseVirus #LatinosForTrump and #KungFluPanda.

On a separate Instagram Story, Ortiz listed the food he will cook: “Coconut shrimp, and a tomahawk... and cat! ...Oh, wait, no, we’re not Chinese.”

Ha. Ha. Ha.