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Props to Michael Bisping, who is actually taking COVID-19 seriously

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The world of MMA, and the world in general, needs more people like Michael Bisping in these troubled times.

UFC Hall of Fame: Official Class of 2019 Induction Ceremony Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The world is obviously a very chaotic place at the moment. A virus is spreading across the earth, leaving over 14,000 dead as of this writing (and it will undoubtedly have gone up by the time you read this). Many countries have enacted strong measures in an attempt to “flatten the curve” of Coronavirus, or COVID-19 if you prefer.

In the world of MMA though, it seems that quite a few are not taking this as seriously as they should be.

Some fighters are still training together. Some are downplaying the potential severity of COVID-19. And some promoters are still running events, which is reckless at the very least and has the ability to be potentially deadly if things really go sideways.

And then there’s UFC president Dana White, who couldn’t handle valid criticism from media regarding his handling of the virus, and childishly responded by insulting said media and calling them “the weakest, wimpiest people on earth”.

I’m sure guys like ESPN analyst Chael Sonnen would chuckle at a statement like that. Another guy that laughed was UFC Hall of Famer and current broadcast team member Michael Bisping.

While a few emojis don’t exactly explain the motivation behind his amusement, Bisping has been much more clear in many other social media posts. He hasn’t been afraid to call out idiots who are defying government guidelines, and has spent much of the last month using his various platforms (social media, his Believe You Me podcast) in an attempt to open some eyes to exactly what is happening in the world right now. And he’s thrown in some lighthearted humor in the process.

Here are just a few examples from his various accounts:

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Pretty simple. Stay the fuck at home!

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As mentioned, he’s also mixed in some humor. This one actually did make me laugh:

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Finders keepers

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And to avoid the so-called “TP hysteria”, he even installed bidets in his house. All of this is in addition to him RTing multiple experts and people that are attempting to hammer home the practices of social distancing and self-quarantining.

Now I’m sure that some other fighters, managers, promoters, and people involved in MMA are doing their part. I don’t follow every social media account, and I don’t keep track of every damn thing that goes on. In addition, I understand the mindset that putting food on your family’s table is more important than anything else, and I’m not judging fighters for thinking that way. But even though I follow Bisping, I’m still consistently seeing many other people RTing what he has to say as well. That’s a solid sign that what he’s putting out there might be making a difference.

I’m not writing this to kiss the former UFC middleweight champion’s ass. I don’t need to, and he probably wouldn’t want the accolades anyway. I’m writing this to raise some more awareness, and point you readers in the direction of someone one who is doing his best to use his notoriety in a positive way. I truly wish there were more people like Michael Bisping involved in the sport we hold most dear, and there is still time for others to follow his lead.

So I just want to say thank you to Mr. Bisping for his efforts. If those posts (or this one) convinced even a few more people stay at home, or stop hoarding items we all need, or made them more aware of treating elderly individuals with compassion - it was worth it.