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Dana White jokes about UFC 249 taking place on the moon

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The event hopefully has to take place somewhere, right?

UFC 249 Khabib v Ferguson: Press Conference Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Covid-19 has done a number on the entire world - that goes without saying. In terms of the UFC though, Dana White has been quite stubborn about trying to make his events happen. They ran an empty arena show in Brasilia when they probably should have just packed it in, and then tried everything to keep further events going - from running in their gym in Vegas, to going as far as to line up an Indian reservation to run events at.

All of that obviously failed, and the next three UFC events are cancelled. White has been insistent that UFC 249: Khabib vs. Ferguson will go on as scheduled. But today they were handed another set back with the New York State Athletic Commission said the April 18th show will not be happening in their state.

So what do they do now? Well, many people have come up with creative solutions to the problem, like Bloody Elbow’s Chris Rini. And White took to Twitter with one of them, bringing a little levity to the situation. Let’s go to the moon!

The “sponsored by SpaceX” is a nice touch.

It seems as if we’re not going to see Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson any time soon, but it never hurts to dream.