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Polaris 13 to go ahead behind closed doors amid coronavirus pandemic

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Europe’s leading BJJ promotion has canceled their upcoming absolute GP but will still air an event on April 4th

The global spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused disruptions world wide and the martial arts community has been hit hard. Across the globe, leading promotions such as the UFC and KSW have been forced to postpone or cancel shows . can exclusively announce that one major player in martial arts is proceeding with an event on April 4th, albeit with some major changes.

Polaris 13 was scheduled to go down as an epic tournament, but it seems the plan is to proceed with a showcase of UK based talent including a number of UFC athletes.

Polaris director Matthew Benyon has explained the promotions decision to go ahead with the show:

“We felt the need to continue to provide jiu jitsu competitors with a way to earn money and promote themselves while many of them have been forced to close their schools and lose their only income stream. Polaris also has a number of staff and contractors who need to continue to earn to survive.

“UK competitors have been very keen to continue to compete and earn in as safe a manner as possible. The event will be held behind closed doors with no audience. Staff and crew will be at an absolute minimum for the show with a doctor on site to provide medical advice, with person to person contact being kept to the bare minimum required for the event.”

Polaris 13 is scheduled to air on UFC Fight Pass. The show takes place at the ICC in Newport, Wales but will not be open to the public.

Full refunds for ticket holders will be provided even though the terms and conditions of ticket sales state that refunds are not required to be given. You can email with any questions regarding reimbursement.