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Randa Markos, John Makdessi facing COVID-19 related issues after UFC Brasilia

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Two fighters from this past weekend’s UFC Brasilia card are facing health concerns.

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The COVID-19 pandemic that’s been sweeping the globe has caused a disruption to many sporting events over the past couple weeks. Nonetheless, the UFC carried on with its Brasilia card on Saturday, but held it behind closed doors.

Brazil isn’t exempt from the virus, recording at least 98 cases at the time the fight took place. On Tuesday, two fighters from the card expressed their concerns about possibly contracting the disease.

Strawweight fighter Randa Markos revealed she was denied testing when she stopped by a center to have her self checked.

Lightweight John Makdessi, meanwhile, has placed himself under quarantine. Like Markos, he is also struggling to get medical assistance.

“I’m under (self) quarantine right now — 14 days,” the Montreal-based Makdessi said (via The Sun). “And I need to get some medical assistance (as a result of the fight). I can’t even do that.

“I can’t go to (the UFC) headquarters because I’d have to go to Vegas and I can’t travel. And here, no hospital will see me because I’m in quarantine.”

Both fighters lost their matchups that night.

After a brief period of defiance, the UFC eventually decided to postpone their next three shows. UFC 249, however, will go as planned, according to Dana White.