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Canadian network TSN to air Conor McGregor UFC fight marathon for St. Patrick’s Day

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It seems that TSN has found an appropriate Irish theme for St. Patrick’s Day - a variety of Conor McGregor fights.

With so little to pick from nowadays, sports networks are scrambling for things that fans might tune into that doesn’t involve live events. With that in mind, Canadian sports network TSN has gotten into the holiday spirit in a unique way - by airing a marathon of Conor McGregor’s best UFC fights for St. Patrick’s Day.

They tweeted out a programming note earlier this morning, showing off exactly what they’re planning to air:

The list includes his fights with Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, both Nate Diaz fights, his decimation of Eddie Alvarez, the big UFC 229 bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov, and finally, his recent UFC 246 win over Donald Cerrone.

Obviously McGregor didn’t come out on top in all of these bouts, but all of them headlined some of the bigger-drawing events that the UFC has ever put on. And it fits the narrative of the day, so it’s a decent idea.

If you’re Canadian (or get TSN elsewhere), grab yourself some Proper No. 12 and enjoy the day self distancing on the couch with a little Irish flavor.