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WWE’s Bobby Lashley wants bare knuckle boxing match in 2021

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Bobby Lashley is looking to get back into combat sports.

WWE Superstars Celebrate Wrestlemania 35 Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Bobby Lashley is no stranger to legitimate combat sports. The current WWE superstar has competed in amateur wrestling and MMA for much of his life along with his pro wrestling career. He holds a very respectable 15-2 record in MMA, and has competed in Strikeforce and Bellator in the past.

Ultimately he moved away from combat sports when he re-signed with WWE almost two years ago, and hasn’t stepped into a cage or ring since late 2016. But on an episode of WWE’s The Bump that airs on their network, Lashley stated that he has talked to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships about taking a fight there, possibly next year (transcribed by Fightful):

“Man, I’m very basic. I’m a fighter, I love to fight, I love to compete. I wrestled my entire life, amateur wrestled my entire life. I’ve been fighting, I mean, I just met with the bare knuckle guys and talked to them about possibly doing a bare knuckles fight, maybe next year if Vince allows me to do it. I like to fight, I like to train, I like to fight and I like to wrestle.”

The 43-year-old apparently stayed under contract to Bellator after he re-signed with WWE, but it’s unclear whether he is still with them or not at this point.