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UFC Brasilia video recap: Charles Oliveira chokes out Kevin Lee in third round

Charles Oliveira made it seven wins straight with a submission win against Kevin Lee at UFC Brasilia

In the main event of UFC Brasilia, Charles Oliveira extended his unbeaten run at lightweight with a third-round submission win against Kevin Lee.

What was the high point of the fight?

Oliveira opened up with some unorthodox striking, catching Lee with some jumping front kicks early in the first round. The second round both men engaged some heavy strikes on the feet, but it was Oliveira who was getting the better of the exchanges.

At the start of the third round, Oliveira latched on to a guillotine choke after a takedown attempt from Lee. The choke forced a tap from Lee, who didn’t know what was going on as he tried to grapple Oliveira after the tap.

Where do both men go from here?

It’s now seven straight fights, seven wins, seven finishes for Oliveira. This win will mean he will break into the top ten of at lightweight, and Oliveira said he will be don’t row to watch the title fight between Khabib and Tony Ferguson as sights are set on the belt.

With only one win in his last four fights, Lee has found himself in a tough spot as he juggles between lightweight and welterweight. Despite missing weight for the fight with Oliveira he wants to stay at lightweight, but it’s hard to predict what’s next for Lee at this stage.

Watch it now, later or never?

It was a back and forth scrap between the two lightweights, watch it now.