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‘You shouldn’t have submitted me’ - Damir Hadzovic tells Renato Moicano after UFC Brasilia

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Renato Moicano and Damir Hadzovic had a comical exchange of words after a heated moment at UFC Brasilia.

It only took 44 seconds for Renato Moicano to get the job done against Damir Hadzovic at UFC Brasilia. But even after a submission win via rear-naked choke in his return to lightweight, Moicano remained fired up towards his defeated opponent.

The two later shook hands and made amends right before Moicano went on the mic with Michael Bisping for his Octagon interview. And according to the Brazilian, his aggression came from wanting to fight a little longer.

“Then you shouldn’t have submitted me,” Hadzovic said in response.

As he explained to Bisping, Moicano was left frustrated about having no fans around for his first fight in Brazil in nearly four years.

“I’m sorry, I’m very frustrated because today, I fought in my hometown, and I don’t see nobody,” he explained. “I didn’t see familiar faces. I didn’t see my family over here.”

Now back competing at 155 pounds, Moicano only wants to face top competition.

“I want to fight the best. I’m a top seven, and people don’t recognize me. People don’t give me the respect. I want to fight Paul Felder,” he said.

“I respect the guy, I’m a big fan of his because he’s not only sportsman, he’s a commentator also. But he’s a really tough guy. I’m number seven at featherweight, he’s number seven at lightweight, so let’s do it.”

With the victory over Hadzovic, Moicano snapped a two-fight losing streak as he now holds a record of 14-3-1 (with seven wins by submission).