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UFC Brasilia video: Charles Oliveira chokes out Kevin Lee, who kept fighting after tapping

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Check out the highlights of Charles Oliveira tapping out Kevin Lee from the UFC Brasilia main event.

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UFC Fight Night: Lee v Oliveira Photo by Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC

UFC Brasilia just closed out with Charles Oliveira submitting Kevin Lee with a guillotine in the third round. The fight was pretty competitive throughout. Both men found success with their strikes, and both men had moments on the mat. Lee landed some quality ground strikes, and Oliveira was throwing up a bunch of sub attempts.

In the third frame, Lee came out delivering hard strikes, but then decided it was his moment to shoot in for the takedown. That’s when Oliveira snagged a hold of a guillotine and started squeezing. The choke was tight and Lee was presented with the choice of tapping or napping. He chose to tap. After tapping, Lee tried to keep the action going as if the fight was still in progress, but the referee informed him that he did in fact tap and the fight was over.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of Charles Oliveira finishing Kevin Lee in the third round:

Round 3 - Jumping front kick from Oliveira right out of the corner. Lee gets busy with his hads and throws a head kick. Lee scoops a single and falls right into an Oliveira guillotine. Lee taps! Then claims that he didn’t. But he did.

Charles Oliveira defeated Charles Oliveira via submission (guillotine choke), :28 of round 3