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UFC Brasilia results: Charles Oliveira chokes out Kevin Lee

Charles Oliveira just submitted Kevin Lee with a guillotine in the third round of the UFC Brasilia main event.

UFC Fight Night: Lee v Oliveira Photo by Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC

The top of the UFC Brasilia billing just witnessed the #13 ranked lightweight, Charles Oliveira, choke out the #8 ranked, Kevin Lee, in the third round. Both men landed hard strikes on the feet throughout. The wrestling edge went to Lee, but on the floor, it was Oliveira who was throwing up a ton of submission attempts. Come round-three, Lee was finding success on the feet, but as soon as he shot in for a takedown, he was caught in an Oliveira guillotine. Lee tapped, but then tried to continue to fight on as if he didn’t, but the referee was on top of it. Oliveira is now riding an impressive seven-fight winning streak, which should put him at the front of the line for a shot at the belt — but this is the UFC’s lightweight division.

Oliveira brought heavy pressure right away. He was connecting with punches and jumping kicks alike. Lee settled in and started to work off his jab. Oliveira shot in for the takedown, but ended up on the bottom. He threatened with a leg lock and hammerfists, but Lee defended quite well. Oliveira stayed active, throwing up triangle attempts, but Lee was able to escape those as well.

Oliveira pressured again in the second act, but Lee was finding a home for his right hand. Then, Oliveira started to land his punches, uppercuts and right hands. Lee retreated to the cage, and then blasted a double leg. Oliveira attacked an arm, then an omoplata, and then a triangle. Lee fought them off and locked down top position. The pace slowed down as Lee controlled from half guard. Lee stood up and landed a couple of elbows, with Oliveira scoring with a few up kicks.

Lee started hot in the third round, landing punches and mixing in a head kick. He then shot in, but found himself deep in a guillotine. He tried to fight it off, but it was locked in, and Lee was forced to tap.

Charles Oliveira def. Kevin Lee by submission (Guillotine) at :28 of round 3: Lightweight