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Baby Slice: Kimbo Slice ‘would do great,’ could KO Deontay Wilder

Kevin Ferguson Jr. — also known as “Baby Slice” — believes that his late father, Kimbo Slice, could have found a lot of success against Deontay Wilder with enough preperation.

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Kevin Ferguson Jr. a.k.a. “Baby Slice” would put money on Kimbo Slice in a fantasy boxing bout with Deontay Wilder.

Ferguson Jr. posted photos of Wilder and Kimbo side-by-side, asking his followers: “If they gave prime Kimbo Slice six to eight months to train for Deontay Wilder and get used to real boxing rules, who do you think would win?” The comments section was rather split, so Bloody Elbow asked Ferguson Jr. for his prediction.

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What you guys think ???

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“I actually think he [Kimbo] would do really good. Deontay doesn’t throw a lot of punches. He throws that one-two. You get hit with that and there will be problems. But I think if he [Kimbo] actually trained with a high-level coach and he actually put in the work, I think he would do great against Wilder. I think he might even knock him out, honestly,” Ferguson Jr. said. “My dad was like me, or I guess I get it from him, where he didn’t like training. He didn’t train for his fights. He didn’t run, he didn’t train. All he did was lift weights. He’d go in there and handle business on pure gifts. I just imagine if he actually was serious and put in the work it would have been a whole ‘nother story in boxing and MMA.”

While the outcome of Slice vs. Wilder is debatable, one thing that is undeniable is Kimbo’s contributions to combat sports. He does not qualify for the accolades held by the likes of Anderson Silva, Randy Couture and Royce Gracie, but Kimbo is in a class of his own.

“I guess I would say that rawness, you know? The realness. He contributed a lot to MMA. He put it on the map. He was the first televised fighter in MMA on CBS, on a national network. He broke records. Even in the UFC he broke records,” said the legend’s son. “I think he did a lot. Now they have bareknuckle boxing and that’s becoming real big, and I think he did a lot for that as well. Coming from the streets.”

Ferguson Jr. (3-2) fights Kaheem Murray (3-3) at Bellator 241 on Saturday, March 14. The event is capped off with a Featherweight Grand Prix title clash between Patricio “Pitbull” Freire and Pedro Carvalho.

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