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Video: MMA fans storm the cage and attack referee

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Chaos broke out at a recent MMA event in Russia.

Video: MMA fans in Russia storm the cage to attack a referee after a fight in Cherkessk.

Things got wild at a recent MMA event in Cherkessk, Russia when a group of fans stormed the cage and started a fight with the referee. RT reports that the fight began because the fans were not happy with one of the ref’s decisions.

The incident went down on March 7th during ACA Young Eagles 12 and a fight between Dzhaddal Alikbekov and Alim Gugov. It was Gugov’s hand that was raised after the fight. The official decision was a submission win via rear naked choke. You can see how Alikbekov’s supporters reacted to that decision, below (with video via

The footage shows that soon after the referee raises Gugov’s hand around a dozen men march towards the cage. One of the men enters and then swings a punch at the official. The referee is able to avoid that strike, but after that all hell breaks loose.

The spectators are then seen pouring into the cage. The referee, and other officials, try to fight off the fans, leading to an unsightly brawl against the fence. Calm is restored only when more officials, security officers and some police officers enter the cage to break up the fighting.

ACA Young Eagles president Ruslan Kahmzaev was asked about the fracas by He said; “I was welcoming guests and didn’t watch the fight. A refereeing error might have occurred, but it should have been challenged calmly. We have specially appointed people who can review the referee’s actions. We don’t need obnoxious behavior here.”