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‘The warrior should be like this’ Zhang Weili describes emotional hospital moment with Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Zhang Weili and Joanna Jędrzejczyk shared an emotional moment in a hospital after UFC 248.

There was certainly no shortage of animosity between UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili and title challenger Joanna Jędrzejczyk ahead of their fight at UFC 248 last Saturday. However, after the pair shared the cage and put on an epic brawl for the ages, some sort of bond seems to have been established.

Days after the fight, which Zhang won by split decision, the Chinese superstar uploaded a video in which she spoke about what happened between her and Jędrzejczyk after the fight. That video made it onto YouTube via user 葉飛.

According to that user’s subtitles, the UFC champion described chatting to Jędrzejczyk in hospital. Check out the full transcript of the video below:

After the match, Joanna and I, we both met at the hospital. We arrived at the hospital almost at the same time. There was just a curtain between us.

She kept crying for hours. I feel very sad. I especially wanted to comfort her. But the language barrier, I can only tell her, “Good job! You did very well. You are very good.” Then she kept crying, covering her head.

And I feel very sad, to be honest. Although she was disrespectful to me before. But I saw her injury while crying. I felt bad for her. Then I talked to her. Then when she left — I am waiting for the examination — when she left, she told me this and I was particularly moved, she said: “Keep defending and I will watch you” she said, “Keep defending and I will watch you. It will get harder and harder.” I almost shed tears. At that time, I felt the warrior should be like this.

The disrespect Zhang alludes to might be in reference to Jędrzejczyk sharing an offensive meme on social media. That meme centered around COVID-19, which — at the time — was devastating China. Since then COVID-19 (or coronavirus) has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organizations and has lead to the shut down of cities (and most of Italy).

The virus has also lead to the suspension of the NBA season and caused many other sports leagues (potentially including the UFC) to holds contests behind closed doors.