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Krause: Diego Sanchez and Joshua Fabia are ‘selling wolf tickets to the sport of MMA’

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James Krause isn’t a fan of Joshua Fabia’s training methods.

UFC Fight Night: Sanchez v Pereira Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Trainer and School of Self-Awarness founder Joshua Fabia gained recognition in MMA for his controversial methods. Last year, he began working with TUF 1 alum Diego Sanchez as the lone coach and cornerman.

Joshua and Sanchez have indeed caught everyone’s attention, including that of James Krause. In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, the 33-year-old UFC veteran says he is only looking to face established names in the sport, but particularly has his eye on Sanchez.

“I feel like the two routes are like fighting some legends of this sport. A couple of names come to mind like Diego Sanchez, Carlos Condit,” Krause said. “I have a thing for Diego for some reason. I can’t stand his coach (Joshua Fabia). I feel like they’re selling wolf tickets to the sport of MMA, to the fans of MMA.

“Just some of that stuff, that guy says is ridiculous to me. I just can’t seem to get behind it, and I think he’s got Diego manipulated, and I think – I’m not a fan of the man. You have to put some real work into this sport to become a coach of a high-level athlete, and I feel like this guy has short-cut that and hasn’t done those things.”

Krause, who himself runs a gym and trainers fellow UFC fighters, isn’t sold on the idea of Fabia’s methods being helpful for Sanchez.

“There’s a difference between a motivator and a coach,” he said. “If you need motivation to fight at this level, you’re probably not in the right place. Is he a good motivator? I’m not sure, maybe he is.

“At the end of the day, it takes more than motivation to win at this level, and I just think he’s a master manipulator, and he’s got somebody like Diego, who’s got some real skills, and I think he’s holding him back because of it. And there’s no shortcuts in this sport, and it’s really hard for me to respect somebody that tries to shortcut the process to get to the high level especially in coaching, especially coaching high-level athletes.”

The two fighters last competed in February, only a week apart from each other. Krause fought at UFC 247 where he stepped in as a last-minute replacement to take on middleweight Trevin Giles. He lost via split decision but took home $50,000 for Fight of the Night honors.

Sanchez last fought at UFC Rio Rancho, where he picked up a disqualification win after opponent Michel Pereira threw an illegal knee strike in the third round.