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UFC 247 scorecards: Here’s how the judge gave Jon Jones a 49-46 score over Dominick Reyes

Check out the official Jones vs Reyes scorecards.

UFC 247’s main event ended up with a controversial decision. While many thought Dominick Reyes could’ve done enough to take the belt, all three judges scored it for Jon Jones with the scores of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.

Check out the photo of the official scorecards below, to see how the three judges came up with that total:

Judge Marcos Rosales had Jones winning rounds 2, 4 and 5, and judge Chris Lee gave him rounds 3, 4, and 5 to both end up with their 48-47 Jones scorecards. The most highly disputed score though, was judge Joe Solis scoring it 49-46 by giving Jones all the rounds except the first.

Fourth and fifth rounds were unanimously scored for Jones, while the first round was unanimously scored for Reyes. These score totals also show that two of the three judges gave Jones the second round, while the other gave him the third.

For what it’s worth, 14 out of 20 media members compiled by MMA Decisions scored it 48-47 to Reyes. On the few who scored it for Jones, none of them gave him more than three rounds.

The same judge, Joe Solis, was also involved in another controversial scorecard earlier in the night, where he gave Andre Ewell a 30-27 in a split decision verdict over Jonathan Martinez. All but one media outlet gave that decision to Martinez, and none had a similar 30-27 score.

Stats shouldn’t be used as the sole indicator for scoring rounds, but the official numbers has Reyes out-landing Jones in the first three rounds 23-17, 33-22 and 27-20, respectively. Jones went 0-4 on takedown attempts during those stanzas.

During the championship rounds, Jones upped his volume, outlanding Reyes and managing one takedown each on the final two stanzas.