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James Krause stepping in for UFC 247 middleweight bout on 24hrs notice

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Antonio Arroyo has been hospitalized following the early weigh ins for UFC 247. Krause will step in against Trevin Giles.

Over the past couple decades MMA has developed a reputation for last minute fight cancellations. Brutally difficult training camps and massive weight cuts have created an environment whereby no bout is truly finalized until both men are standing in the cage and the bell has rung. On Friday, January 7th, in Houston, TX, the UFC was presented with yet another case for why that expectation remains true.

Shortly after early weigh-ins for the UFC 247 PPV card, UFC middleweight Antonio Arroyo taken to the hospital. UFC president Dana White would later confirm that Arroyo had been removed from his spot in the featured prelim against Trevin Giles, due to cramping. Under normal circumstances, that would mean one less fight for fans on this weekend’s card.

However, longtime UFC welterweight and former lightweight James Krause happened to be in the building, there to corner recent UFC signee Youssef Zalal in the opening fight of the night. And the owner and head instructor of Glory MMA & Fitness has decided he might as well take a fight at 185 lbs on 24 hrs notice while he’s at it.

“Everyone says they’re a gangster until it comes time to make gangster moves,” Krause wrote in a post on Instagram. “24 hours notice, at middleweight, against Trevin Giles. See you tomorrow, Houston.”

During a press conference for UFC 248: Adesanya vs. Romero later that same day, Dana White confirmed that Giles had accepted the new booking, and the UFC would push ahead with the fight. All provided that Krause could make weight during the ceremonial weigh ins that afternoon, and pass pre-fight medicals for the event.

Assuming all goes according to plan, UFC 247 will go ahead with 12 bouts. Krause vs. Giles is expected to remain int he feature prelim spot on ESPN, just before the start of the PPV on ESPN+. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more news and updates.