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Conor McGregor stresses importance of post-fight career plan: The fight game is cruel

“Athletic life is short right? As cruel as it sounds no-one really cares about the athlete post career.” 

Get in. Get rich. Get out.

Those were Conor McGregor’s infamous words prior to his featherweight scrap with Dustin Poirier at UFC 178. And although McGregor has made more than enough money to retire several times over since then, ‘The Notorious’ is adamant about generating a post-fight income stream once he does decide to hang up the gloves for good.

McGregor launched his own Irish whisky, Proper No. Twelve in 2018 and the whisky featured as one of the main sponsors for Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder II, which saw Fury TKO Wilder in Las Vegas this past Saturday to capture the WBC heavyweight title.

As one of the sharpest businessmen in the UFC, McGregor wants to continue making a fortune for himself long after he has retired from MMA.

McGregor opened up on his post-fight career in a recent interview with The MAC Life (h/t Jordan Ellis of Low Kick MMA).

“Athletic life is short right? As cruel as it sounds no-one really cares about the athlete post career,” McGregor said. “I mean it’s as simple as that and that’s not just fighting its in any sport. So, I have studied many athletes’ careers both in combat sport and in professional sport and just analysed it. I saw the do’s and the don’t and things that can create an after life in the game. For, me I’ve just gone down things I’m passionate about. I went down the fight game because I’m passion about it – I wouldn’t have reached the levels I’ve reached in the fight game without having passion for it. And the whisky game, the fashion game you know.”

“It’s all about finding what you love and figuring out how to make a living out of it. That’s what I’ve done. Not only have I done it once I’ve done it four or five times over with other things. So, I’m very, very happy and I’m very blessed.”

McGregor is teased to return to the Octagon this summer to take on top-five UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje.