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Video: Jan Blachowicz KOs Corey Anderson in round 1 of UFC Rio Rancho main event

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Check out the full-fight video highlights of Jan Blachowicz destroying Corey Anderson from the UFC Rio Rancho main event.

The UFC’s #6 ranked light heavyweight, Jan Blachowicz, spectacularly knocked out the #5 ranked, Corey Anderson, in the first round of the UFC Rio Rancho main event. Anderson was the one pushing forward looking to work his boxing, but Blachowicz landed a sinister counter right hand that sent Anderson collapsing to the canvas. A lethal hammerfist came flying in to finish off the dazed Anderson, and then Blachowicz ran over to say some words to the current champ, Jon Jones. Blachowicz has now won seven of his last eight fights.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of Jan Blachowicz stopping Corey Anderson with authority:

Round 1 - Anderson winds up and misses. So does Blachowicz. The pace immediately slows. The crowd is sort of booing already. Anderson looking to jab. Blachowicz with a right hook. Anderson wades in and works the body. Blachowicz clubs him with a left hook for his efforts. Outside leg kick from Anderson. Blachowicz presses with a combo. As Anderson throws a leg kick, Blachowicz clubs his with a left hook and Anderson is OUT! Not even a follow-up! Holy hell! He immediately walks over to where Jon Jones is sitting and asks what’s up! I LIKE IT!

Jan Blachowicz defeated Corey Anderson (left hook), 3:08 of round 1