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Halle Berry supports friend and co-star Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 247

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Halle Berry was present to cheer on Bullet in her successful title defense.

Halle Berry continues to prove that her love of MMA isn’t just lip service. Back in September, she told the UFC how important fighters like Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko were to her, both personally and in terms of the development of her upcoming movie, Bruised. She vowed to put both women in the film, and word is Shevchenko will play Berry’s opponent.

Berry supported her friend Shevchenko ahead of her title defense, posting a photo of Valentina on Instagram with the message, “You are a true warrior with a heart of pure gold. Proud to call you friend. Let’s go CHAMP!”

But Berry’s support went above and beyond a simple social media post. She was there in person to root on the flyweight champ. While many sports stars were in attendance, the crowd gave Berry the biggest round of applause, a good indicator fight fans are behind her project.

Bruised follows the story of disgraced fighter Jackie Justice as she works toward a comeback in the ring and to be reunited with her little boy. Screenwriter Michelle Rosenfarb told Bloody Elbow, “it is a love story between a mother and her son.” The movie is Berry’s directorial debut, and is being produced by the company behind John Wick.