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Evander Holyfield says trilogy bout with Mike Tyson ‘looks like it’s going to happen’

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“It looks like it’s going to happen. Let’s do it, baby. Simple as that. Let’s do it.”

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Boxing legend Evander Holyfield is ‘very confident’ in a trilogy bout with Mike Tyson after the 58-year-old called out ‘Iron Mike’ following his eight-round boxing exhibition with Roy Jones Jr. last month.

Tyson, who fought Jones to a draw at an empty Staples Center, revealed at the post-fight press conference that he and Holyfield had been in talks about a rematch for months but — for whatever reason — the bout had never came to fruition.

Speaking to TMZ Sports on Monday, however, Holyfield hinted that things had changed since then and teased of a rematch in the near future.

“We’ve definitely had conversations with them. It looks like it’s going to happen,” Holyfield said. “Let’s do it, baby. Simple as that. Let’s do it. That’s the only guy that I see that the people want. If you’re doing the thing, you’re doing it for the people. The purpose is the people because it’s the people that make things go around. As for just being him, if it wasn’t for the people who want it, I wouldn’t have said nothing to him.”

“I’m a very confident person. I think it’s going to happen,” he added.

Tyson infamously bit off a chunk of Holyfield’s ear in their legendary ‘97 rematch at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, which saw the former disqualified for gross unsportsmanlike misconduct. Prior to that, Holyfield TKO’d his then-heavyweight rival to win the WBA heavyweight title, cementing himself as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers in the world.