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Brutal slam! Watch Jordan Leavitt slam KO Matt Wiman in 22 secs at UFC Vegas 16

Watch this brutal knockout that happened when Jordan Leavitt slammed Matt Wiman into oblivion on the UFC Vegas 16 main card.  

Oh boy did the UFC Vegas 16 main card start with a nasty finish! At just 22-seconds into the opening round, undefeated lightweight Jordan Leavitt scored a brutal slamming knockout on Matt Wiman. This is a classic example of when pulling guard goes wrong, as Leavitt framed against Wiman’s face before slamming him into the mat, rendering the veteran unconscious. What an excellent technique to counter a guard pull, and quite a speedy way to end a fight! In a bit of a scary sight, the 37-year-old Wiman was down for some time before he was up and moving around.

Check out Bloody Elbow’s description of Jordan Leavitt slamming Matt Wiman into the shadow realm:

To get things going, Leavitt shot in for a double leg and Wiman jumped guard, but while the fight was still on its feet. Leavitt then walked over to his corner while carrying his opponent. He framed against Wiman’s face and then proceeded to slam him to the mat. Wiman was unconscious on impact. Yikes!

Jordan Leavitt def. Matt Wiman by KO at :22 of round 1: Lightweight