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UFC’s Gadzhimurad Antigulov caught on tape in wedding brawl

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The Dagestani light heavyweight was reportedly the cause of the fracas when he apparently refused to stop drinking at an alcohol-free wedding celebration.

UFC Fight Night: Ortega v The Korean Zombie Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images reports that UFC light heavyweight Gadzhimurad Antigulov was involved in an all-out melee at a wedding in Dagestan. Video footage from CCTV cameras at the event show a man, who the fighter later seemingly identified himself as, get up from his table and push a fellow wedding guest—who then promptly knocked him on his ass. From there mayhem ensued.

Antigulov can be seen at the center of the video below wearing a bright blue sweatshirt and a black cap. The video shows the fighter throwing food at a table of other guests. RT reports that Antigulov was allegedly heavily intoxicated, and had been asked several times to stop drinking at the alcohol-free event. It appears several people attempt to speak to him and calm him down, until a conversation between one of the men seated with Antigulov and another guest caused Antigulov to get to his feet and become confrontational.

RT also reports that, following the scuffle inside the building, the man in light blue that knocked Antigulov down was assaulted outside the event and left with severe facial injuries. For his part, Antigulov took to Instagram recently to share his thoughts on the situation.

“I am an ordinary person. I am a mixed martial artist. I am not a prophet. And like all mortal people, sometimes I make mistakes, I repent, I correct myself,” Antigulov wrote in Russian, before apparently noting that the video shows he never struck anyone during the altercation.

Along with his call for others to learn from his mistakes, and a request that video of the incident not be made public, it seems Antigulov also plans to pay for treatment to the man who was allegedly badly injured in the following attack. Mostly it appears, however, that he’s just looking to move on and have the whole thing well behind him.

Antigulov last competed at UFC Fight Night: Ortega vs. the Korean Zombie, on October 17th of this year, where he lost via second round TKO to Maxim Grishin. That defeat marked the fourth straight for the former ACB light heavyweight champion. Antigulov hasn’t won a bout since 2017, after entering the UFC with a pair of victories over Marcos Rogerio de Lima and Joachim Christensen. At the time of writing, he’s still listed as an active part of the UFC roster.