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Jamahal Hill: NSAC’s ‘goofy as f—k’ marijuana sanctions are a ‘waste of resources’

Light heavyweight Jamahal Hill isn’t too pleased with the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s cannabis sanctions.

Even with the worldwide legalization of cannabis, athletic commissions in the United States remain strict with their regulations.

Most recently, welterweight Niko Price became the last casualty of the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s marijuana sanctions when he received a six-month suspension along with an $8,500 fine. His September fight against Donald Cerrone was also switched from a draw to a No Contest.

Among those who also also dealt with the NSAC’s anti-cannabis regulations is light heavyweight Jamahal Hill, who was handed a six-month suspension for marijuana use in relation to his May fight against Klidson Abreu. During Thursday’s virtual media day, he didn’t hold back his sentiments.

“I think it’s f—ng stupid,” Hill told MMA Fighting. “I’m not the person you want to ask. I think it’s dumb as hell, I think everything that I’ve had to deal with as a result of that is dumb as f—k and I really think they need to focus energy on things that actually matter and not goofy sh-t like that.”

“I think it’s bullsh-t. I think it’s dumb and I think it’s a waste of resources,” he added. “We could be focusing on other things. Weed is not performance-enhancing at all. It’s just something that people do in their downtime just to chill and relax and hang out.

“It also has medical benefits as well, but as far as fighters fighting like-you know what I mean? Come on, bro. It’s goofy as f—k, bro.”

Hill’s first-round TKO win against Abreu was overturned to a No Contest, which he continues to protest. He believes he played by the rules, fully aware the he is in competition.

“It’s extremely irritating. It’s something that I’ve got to walk around with on my record, which in fact, just to clear the record, I did not smoke in competition. I smoked four weeks before that out of competition before I even took the fight,” he said.

“I took the fight, I stopped smoking immediately and somehow in their tests it came back that my levels were too high even after the UFC did an investigation, tested my old samples, and showed them the difference in the levels and everything, they still went ahead and decided to suspend me, fine me, put me through all this other bullsh-t, so it’s annoying as f—k.

“But it is what it is. I’m not gonna keep looking back on it, I’m just pushing forward. I’ve got a good future ahead of me and I’m focused on that.”

Hill will return to action this weekend against former interim title contender Ovince Saint Preux.