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Fight Archives: Gary Goodridge sleeps Don Frye in PRIDE trilogy fight

Gary Goodridge avenges his two prior losses to Don Frye in an empathic fashion.

Don Frye Gary Goodridge PRIDE

New Year’s Eve is always a glorious time in Japan. On top of the much subdued yet festive street parties all over Tokyo, we as fight fans have been treated with timeless year-ender events over the last two decades.

I’m sure you all have your favorites. Like when Fedor showed Mark Hunt how to properly finish a kimura in 2006. Or Ryo Chonan’s classic flying scissor heel hook finish on the great Anderson Silva in 2004.

The list of notable mentions goes on and on, but this one takes the cake for me. PRIDE: Shockwave 2003, when Gary Goodridge got his sweet, sweet revenge on Don Frye.

The two men previously met twice in the UFC in 1996, with Goodridge tapping out to strikes both times. The first one was from being dominated underneath full mount, while the second one was out of sheer exhaustion. Definitely two of the most forgettable moments in Big Daddy Gary’s career.

It may have taken him seven years to get even, but he did so in such an emphatic fashion. This fight no longer needs any breaking down, so here it is in full 240p glory.

May you all have a healthy and prosperous new year. As for 2020, I think many of us share the same sentiment.

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