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Georges St-Pierre enters into partnership with Budweiser Zero

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GSP has stepped into the beer game. Sort of.

Georges St-Pierre at a UFC fan even in New York in 2018. Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Former double UFC champion Georges St-Pierre has had many lucrative sponsors over the years, and now he can add a beer company to that. GSP teased a “big” announcement yesterday, which led a few people to think he was coming out of retirement to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov. That was never a thing.

Instead, he announced a partnership with Budweiser to promote Bud Zero, their new alcohol-free beer. He used social media to promote the signing:

Here’s a description of the new near beer, as per the press release:

“We are proud to introduce Budweiser Zero, an alcohol free brew with the taste of Budweiser at only 50 calories and zero grams of sugar. Budweiser Zero is made for beer drinkers who are looking to cut back on alcohol, but still want the refreshment of a Budweiser.”

Apparently it’s a campaign for a sober January promotion or something. Anyway, GSP has something new to get his name out there.